1778 Rhode Island Campaign: 5/14/18

The spring of 1778 was a dismal time for Newport. Once the largest and most prosperous town in Rhode Island, its fortunes had fallen with the British occupation. Thousands had fled the city, and the people who remained were desparately low on food and fuel.

Find out what happened on Aquidneck Island 240 years ago this summer when author and independent historian Christian McBurney talks about the Rhode Island Campaign   7pm

Native Americans on RI Coast – 5/3/18

Recent archeological investigations have yielded evidence that Native Americans have lived on the southern New England coast for more than 7,000 years. Long before Eurpoeans arrived, they were fishing, shellfishing, manufacturing canoes, and trading.

Jay Waller, Senior Archeologist at the Public Archeology Laboratory, Inc., will discuss how patterns of Native American coastal settlement and use have evolved over time. 7pm

Navajo Code Talkers 4/12/18

The Navajo language is so complex that very few people besides the Navajo speak it. That’s what made it the ideal template for a secret code used to transmit military information during World War II. The Navajo who created the code and used it to save thousands of lives were called the Code Talkers.  Their story is told in the documentary film “True Whispers.” Betsy Cook, a linguist and educator who has taught on the Navajo Reservation since 1977, will introduce the film. After the film, she will answer questions about the Navajo language and the Code Talkers